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BOUXJIE BOSS BABE - Meet Delicia Kennedy -Article 2

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Our first Bouxjie Boss Babe article proved to be a huuuge success. We received many DMs, Emails and Comments letting us know how motivating and encouraging you all found it- This is exactly our goal; we want to shine light on women who are bossing their game and inspire you all to follow your dreams- Remember if you or anyone you know is a BOUXJIE BOSS BABE do not hesitate to submit their details to us so we can run an interview for our next feature.

This month we are looking at Social Media influencer, Model, Mother of 3 (all under 5 years old) and Wife Mrs Delicia Kennedy. Delicia has 24K+ followers. Anyone with children knows how hard it is to maintain self-confidence after becoming a mum let alone 3babies but Delicia has also managed to juggle motherhood whilst making a career in social media as a successful influencer! We caught up with her to discuss the highs and lows.

How did you become an influencer/model?

Delicia "I have always dabbled in modelling since way back, my journey started back in BBM days when I was sent an ad on BBM by an urban agency looking for new talent, I thought why not, went down to the casting and was selected for my first music video to be the main girl, that basically was the start of my video vixen career. Following that, I started getting featured in candy magazine and was a key player of the models on that scene. I was then scouted on a night out which led to a few e-commerce Fashion modelling jobs.  About 5 years ago I decided to finally jump on Instagram. Initially, because it was the trending thing to do so I used it for fun and you know, my circle was using it, saying how good it was and I wanted to be involved."

When did you realise you had an influence?

Delicia "I was very inspired by the socialites on Instagram and being that I have ALWAYS loved fashion, looking good and dressing well, I started a fresh new Instagram with a clear vision of becoming a fashion influencer. Straight away I received many likes and compliments on my outfits, ladies asking where items were from and my pictures were getting reposted by big pages that's when I realised I had an influence. Brands started contacting me with collaboration requests and I was also receiving proposals for jobs in modelling".

Describe a typical working day

Delicia "There is no typical day as each day varies- my first role and priority is being a mother. My career as an active influencer started whist I already had my first baby and then of course during my second and third pregnancy. I get extremely sick whilst pregnant, so despite how 'glowing' I may look and how cute and neat my bump maybe it defiantly takes its toll on me and affects my work. Being a mother of 3 girls all under the age of 5 I have to be very organised, I'm also a full time breastfeeding mommy which is baby-led so can be at any time, it is very time-consuming and energy-draining but the benefits for my baby make it all worth it. I am used to juggling and prioritising but whenever I am pregnant I have to slow it all down and put many collabs on hold due to my health.

On a good day the first thing I do work wise is go through my DMs/email and reply to brands, I believe it is down to me to expand my influence and so I am always seeking new opportunities so I also reach out to brands who I would like to potentially work with-this can take a few hours to complete.

The next task I have is to plan what I will be wearing for that day and decide on styling ideas for hair and accessories etc and I have to prep my husband who is also my personal photographer on where I would like him to take my pictures haha. I spend quite a bit of time shopping online, fortunately for me, I have a huge wardrobe to accommodate all the items I buy and am gifted. With Collaborations it’s not always an entire head to toe look we have agreed on; So I often buy additional things or dig out items I already own to create a final look.

What would you say is the best part about being an influencer?

Delicia: The best part of being an influencer for me is dressing up and producing the content. I get to try out new products and attend glamorous events It’s can be a lot of fun and being a self-confessed shopaholic I enjoy the process of choosing what items brands send these will be too!

What challenges do you face in your role as an influencer

Delicia: The challenges I face as I previously mentioned, is finding a balance with home and career life, also staying motivated and pushing myself to stay focused on the end goal. I sometimes feel like a tiny fish in a big sea- Instagram has millions of users and there are so many “bigger” influencers, it can be challenging to stay relevant or even get noticed to begin with. Along with being consistent, at one stage I was posting new posts daily, I made it my priority to do so, I would plan a day or 2 in the week when my husband was off from work to shoot. Sometimes il have like 5 outfits in the car, my 2 babies in the back seat. (this was before baby number 3) and we would find a location I chose and take multiple pics, I’d get back in the car change and repeat, gosh with 2 little ones sometimes they would get restless, crying and want to come out and run wild it was a stress. But I stayed focused on the motive and with my husband supporting my vision and encouraging me also made it all possible.

What are your plans for the future?

Delicia: Growth. My future plans are to expand in all areas; utilising my skills, my online following and to walk in my purpose

How do you spend your spare time?

Delicia: It's the little things that I really value, I love to spend my free time chilling and spending quality time with family. I am obsessed with finding out what is happening around the world, I love researching and learning new about my history It's important I stay motivated and positive so I listen to inspiring testimonies/messages and of course I enjoy watching some of my favourite YouTubers.

What advice would you give an upcoming influencer mum?

Delicia: Believe in yourself and love yourself always every step of the way. Never lose your identity, embrace your uniqueness; never copy anyone, be inspired and true to yourself. You should network with influencers to engage with and learn from. Being a mother comes with challenges but it's important not to let them define you, always take charge of your life by seeking opportunities and make the absolute most of them also remember we are these little people's role models so it's our duty to set an example- my girls will always know that no matter how beautiful you may be one of the most important characteristics a woman can possess is hustle and ambition. I encourage all mums to discover their destiny and to fulfil it unapologetically.

Check out Delicia's Instagram page here

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If you enjoyed reading this and know of anyone or yourself who you feel has a success story please submit the details so we can feature them in another Bouxjie Boss Babe Article.

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