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Bouxjie Boss Babe- Meet Linda Cobbina - Article 3

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A lot of change is occurring with Bouxjie LDN. Positive change - We have a brand new website (let us know what you think of it) Also, a lot of new vendor list are being added, we plan to see 1000s of new online businesses emerging especially during this pandemic. Ladies, its time to BOSS UP... put yourself in position to be a boss. Yes it will be difficult, yes there will be hurdles, yes there will be struggles but they say diamonds are created under pressure right?

Speaking of diamonds, we had the pleasure to interview an absolute GEM. The one and only Linda Cobbina founder of London's official Number One go-to for luxe bridal and occasional tailoring, she has over 26K followers on Instagram and has dressed Celebrities and most of the instafamous socialites from the likes of Joy Adenuga, Edith Williams, Mariam Musa, Grace Ajilore and many more. We were lucky enough to speak with Linda during one of the busiest times (wedding season) to ask her some questions

Linda Cobbina - The beautiful face behind the brand.

When did you first realise you had designing skills?

Linda: "I have memories of being a young child playing with my dolls. I would create these small outfits and dress my dolls up, I can remember really enjoying it, I think my parents thought I was quite weird though".

Doing what she does best

Can you describe the journey around you opening your studio? Linda: "I used to sew from my front room at the dining table, I actually really enjoyed at that time. However, my parents hated it - I machine not to mention I would have clients coming in and out so they never had the typical privacy you would have at home. I was constantly busy and the house was always a mess. My dad would get really frustrated saying 'bridesmaids from hell' LOL there would be so many of them and they were loud it really drove my dad up the wall. Eventually, parents had enough and banned me from sewing in the house, which left me with no choice but to get my own space. To be honest it was meant to be. Moving into my studio made me realise that your personal space should never be associated with business when working directly with customers. Having my own space made me more professional & productive."

Describe a typical busy day

Linda: " Oh wow....let me see, a typical busy day I would've around 3 fittings. One in the morning, One in the afternoon & then one in the evening. Fittings can usually take up to 1-2 hours depending on the person & fit. I'm normally left exhausted and don't have time to eat. I do try to avoid overworking my body, hence why I'll only book one during each time slot and also I try to spread my fittings throughout the week".

what is the best part of your role

Linda: "I really love that I contribute to making people feel happy. I love the excitement and confidence women feel when they are wearing my dresses. Being part of someones wedding day is truly precious and I'm always very honoured to be chosen to be part of each journey".

what challenges do you face?

Linda: "Being your own boss is never easy, I would say the most challenging aspect is making time for myself and managing my time"

What are your plans for the future?

Linda: "Too many, it gives me a headache just thinking about all the plans, but I started a masterclass in August which I have been running twice a month. I am teaching how to create patterns, take measurements and sewing techniques”.

The infamous LCOBBINA Studio

How do you spend your free time?

Linda: " I love eating out and going to lounges... I don't have much free time to be honest especially during wedding season so I enjoy being able to relax "

what advice would you give an up and coming designer?

Linda: "a lot of people ask me for advice especially when I run my masterclasses. what I tell them is 'Be unique and find your niche. Finding your niche is where you will succeed. University isn't always the correct path as a creative. Gain as much experience working for other brands, that's the only way you will master your craft'. I'm proud that I can be a role model for other aspiring designers”.

Check out Lindas social media


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If you enjoyed reading this and know of anyone or yourself who you feel has a success story please submit the details so we can feature them in another Bouxjie Boss Babe Article.

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